"At Merit, we align people and processes to achieve organizational performance."


Because every organization wants the same results...skilled and dedicated employees, lean and agile internal processes, and customers that sing your praises.


Our team of business and training professionals identify opportunities to develop people, strengthen performance, and align growth priorities with your values and goals. We examine processes, misalignments, and areas to augment, and then help our clients reach and exceed their goals.


We focus on the areas our clients typically need most which fall into the following three primary areas:

Strategic Planning

Faster growth, greater profits, improved productivity, engaged customers and employees. Sure, every organization wants those results. However, only those organizations that plan effectively regularly reap those rewards.

Ask Merit to work with your leadership to conduct a strategic planning workshop, conduct a retreat or work with your leadership team to create a strategic plan that yields clarity, alignment, buy-in, transparency and results.

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Strategic Planning Word Map

Change Management

Managing change effectively can be a true competitive advantage no matter what industry you are in. Not so easy to accomplish...right?

At Merit, our team utilizes industry best practices and proven strategies to assist our clients with effective change management initiatives. We work with you to leverage planning strategies, bolster communications, deploy smart culture assessments, design performance metrics, coach and train your team, and build the capabilities needed for sustaining changed behaviors.

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Change Management


Your organization's communications about your values and processes help set expectations impact your team’s performance. A solid corporate communications plan provides initiatives to mold company image, communicate with internal and external audiences, and sustain a long-term positive culture. The Merit team helps our clients build a compelling communication strategy that reflects its vision, mission and values and yields results.

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Succession Planning

The important steps to nominating individuals as "top talent" or "high potential" is no easy task for any organization. Many times succession planning decisions are not based on solid criteria, metrics and data. Our team at Merit, based on our industry expertise, brings those missing pieces to the table and assists our clients in making solid succession planning decisions.

Let's Talk About Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Leader Development

Whether aspiring to a leadership position or new in their job, all leaders need the skills and confidence to make good decisions, lead by example, and motivate their people with sensitivity and firmness. For these individuals, Merit customizes our learning delivery approach to assure these leaders learn the skills imperative for their success in developing their team, executing the workload and building the business.

Let's Talk About Leader Development

Leadership Development

Competency Development

A core competency framework is an essential component of an organization’s talent management program. Even smaller organizations benefit from having a basic core competency framework as it drives the implementation of your recruiting efforts, your performance program, your promotion criteria, and your overall culture. Most importantly, having a competency framework shapes how your employees behave and perform in the critical eyes of your customers.

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Competency Development

Leadership Pipeline

Today's workforce is, more than ever, eager to understand their promotion potential. Organizations that do not have documented, internal career paths which are fair, transparent and achievable, risk suffering from higher than necessary turnover. Losing talented potential leaders is a very costly endeavor. Our team at Merit works with organizations to develop mutually beneficial career paths that provide ROI for the organization and high potentials the opportunity to prosper.

Let's Talk About Leadership Pipeline

Leadership Pipeline

Team Effectiveness

As organizations become flatter, working effectively in teams is a critical path requirement to success. Merit has extensive experience helping organizations build team structures, charters, dynamics and performance outcomes. Building team effectiveness in organizations is now mandatory for success.

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Team Effectiveness